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Activity 12

- 12.2 - Background For the Teacher Insects are probably the most successful of all animals. There are more than one million identified species distributed in ...


Key purchasing criteria. ... 2.1 2 Dichotomous ... Value Example: Caterpillar.

Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Field Guide for Georgias Streams

Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Field Guide for Georgias Streams Georgia Adopt-A-Stream The publication of the document was supported by the Georgia Environmental Protection ...

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... a long-range reform project that identifies key concepts ... caterpillar, tadpole ... Develop and use a simple dichotomous key to classify common ...


Take the class to the trail head. After blindfolding each student, arrange them in a line, caterpillar-fashion, with ... Directions for use of a dichotomous key: ...

Dichotomous Key Scavenger Hunt

Dichotomous Key Scavenger Hunt ... Ramphastos vitellinus Toucan 15 Armadillidium vulgare Pill bug 16 Agraulis vanillae Butterfly 17 Danaus plexippus Caterpillar 18 ...

Insects and Spiders - Activities for Years 7-10 Classrooms

Insects and spiders Activities for Years 7 - 10 Classrooms Students gain more from web-based research or a museum visit if they are thoroughly prepared for the ...

A sample dichotomous key and the process used to key out the ...

The dichotomous key for this unknown aquatic organism is below! ... and caterpillar-like Crane fly larva B. Body not exactly like this go to 17 17. A.

Gymnosperms, Angiosperms and Flowering Plants.ppt

Then the cones develop for the entire year, and open to release the winged seeds prior to the rainy season ... Dichotomous Key to Major Types of Fruits .

Caterpillar salivary enzymes: eliciting a response

Caterpillar salivary enzymes: eliciting a response Magali Merkx-Jacques et Jacqueline C. Bede Caterpillar salivary enzymes: eliciting a response

Classifying Organisms

The Dichotomous Key . This tool uses a set of questions to help identify living things. ... Do not have seeds or flowers; Use spores to reproduce;

Review for Practical #3

Know how to use a dichotomous key. ... Deer Mouse . 144 . 8 . 18 g . 36 . 2 . 18 g . House Mouse . 480 . 12 . 40 g . 160 . 4 . 40 g . Vole . 450 . 3 . 150 g . 1500 . 10 . 150 g . Pocket Gopher .


The key is understanding at ... organisms into groups according to observations and common features lays the groundwork for understanding dichotomous keys and ...

Title The Key to Them All

For an example of how to construct a more complicated key, consider the taxonomy of the caterpillar of the ... each step in a dichotomous key requires the ...

Chapter 1 Marketing in the 21st century

The key to customer retention is customer ... Dichotomous 2 possible ... Ways to protect and increase market shares derived from PG and Caterpillar: ...

Eric H

... conflicts and mythology of caterpillar food choices, ... Towards an Interactive Matrix-based Key to Canadian ... traditional dichotomous keys is close to ...

Activity 12

Make a list of all of the pests the class can think of and ask each student to develop a dichotomous key ... This can include anything from the tent caterpillar ...

Dichotomous key for Insects

Student Handout #2- Dichotomous Key for Aquatic Insects Dichotomous key for Insects


... 67 Spelling Bee Game 77 Caterpillar ... Dichotomous Key ...


Use simple dichotomous keys based on easily. ... and key model ... tree caterpillar song bird hawk)

A New Zealand Tree Fern

(A Dichotomous Tree) To use this Key to identify Ferns, Start at the BOTTOM of the Key and follow the arrows. START HERE . ... Fern seeds.

Ronald Reagan and His Times:

Corporate support from the Jelly Belly Corporation and from Caterpillar, ... This Marine lieutenant colonel was the key figure of Iran- Contra Affair. ...

Illinois Envirothon Study Guide

Identify general forest habitat type of selected tree species c. Understand how to identify a tree using a dichotomous key ... Eastern Tent Caterpillar Japanese ...

Key concepts of animals

Deakin University 1 Animals Introduction Key concepts of animals The activities in this topic are designed to explore the following key concepts: The scientific definition ...

spiracles appear on segments A1-A8. A3-A6 and A10 prolegs, muscled ...

Arrangement of setae is another significant caterpillar taxonomic character. Setae are usually simple, i.e., ... DICHOTOMOUS KEY TO SOME COMMON CATERPILLARS 1.


To use a dichotomous key, ... Seeds from maple trees produce maple trees. Flies begin life as eggs, then become maggots, and then become adult flies.

Soil Microarthropod Lab

Soil Microarthropod Lab BIOL 370L By Bree Yednock and John Hutchens Soil microarthropods are abundant small invertebrates that live in the soil and litter layer.

Lab Practical

These plants are produced from seeds with two seed leaves. Are they monocots or dicots? ... Use the Dichotomous Key to identify this leaf? 1. a.