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Core Content for

The Core Content for Reading Assessment will include passage selections that are multicultural ... Students will compare and contrast elements, views, ideas, or events ...

Strand 2: Comprehending Literary Text

Strand 2: Comprehending Literary Text 4-8 T/DistrictOffice/Curricu/2004 ReadingCurriculum/4-8Strand2 22 e.g. - means for example This list is not exclusive, and other ...

Test and Item Specifications

Each passage will be appropriate for determining the purpose for reading, analyzing character traits, compare/contrast, problem/solution ... styles (e.g., rhymed, free ...

4th grade

The author uses description as the structure of the passage mainly to _____. Compare and Contrast _____ and _____ are alike because they both _____.

9th Grade Reading (with 10th Grade Content Limits)

9th Grade Reading (with 10th Grade Content Limits) ... passages related in theme or topic or one passage ... cause and effect compare and contrast inference conclusion evidence ...

Be a Sequence Detective

Time-Order Expression. in the morning. after that. later that day. two weeks later

Teacher Guide for FAST-R Passage:

FAST-R: Formative Assessment in Student Thinking in Reading. The passage text by Malcolm X as told to Alex Haley is from The Autobiography of Malcolm X (1964).

7th Grade Reading

7 th Grade Reading describe, and analyze concepts and organization of non-fictional ... meaning of non-fiction text R7B3.3.1 sequence, question/answer, compare/contrast, cause ...

Curriculum Based Measurement

Compare each number and count any numbers correct. ... Response patterns located after the third reading passage in ... Feel free to work with a partner or table group.

Reading Ideas for Middle and High School Teachers

... then, when you get to the end of the passage ... Compare and Contrast Web Graphic Organizer ... Book Adventure - A free on-line reading program encourages ...


1.03 Increase reading and writing vocabulary ... Then a and the last two words Ripping free; of your passage. ... 1 Compare/Contrast; 1 Setting; 2 Thinking Question ...

Reading Goals by Skills - 8th Grade

Reading Skills by Grade Level - 8 th Grade 1 Reading ... connection strategies R.9.8.3 Connect, compare and contrast ideas ... 10 Read a variety of poetry, with emphasis on free ...

Focus on English-Language Arts Standards

Grade 4 Teacher Edition - Form B 2006 Reading Lions Center Skills Assessment Supplement Focus on Language Arts Standards Preface The Skills Assessment Supplement: Focus on ...

Activating Strategies

While the teacher is reading the story, the students ... what the story is about, read the passage, and ... How do I compare and contrast two things? How do I compare and ...

Slide 1

After completing an initial reading, students search through passage to ... Compare/Contrast Flow Chart ... Fat free, strawberry, low-fat, vanilla

Welcome to Fourth Grade FCAT Parent Night

Students will assessed in the reading skills areas summarizing, main idea, sequencing, compare/contrast, authors purpose, comprehension, language, vocabulary ...

Curriculum-Based Evaluations

NCAC Curriculum-Based Evaluations Effective Classroom Practices Report This report was written with support from the National Center on Accessing the General Curriculum (NCAC ...

Main Idea in Reading Passages

Main Idea in Reading Passages . Finding the main idea! ... Ask yourself What is the most important idea in the passage?

FCAT Reading Question Format

FCAT Reading Question Format Cards Grades 9 - 10 ... from the passage Copy sentence from passage here. ... other tested benchmarks such as Cause/Effect, Compare/Contrast ...

Passage: Snow

FCAT Reading Sample Answer Key with New ... of text structures (e.g., comparison/contrast ... descriptive language throughout the passage. He uses a metaphor to compare ...

QAR Strategy

Right There Right There Questions that ask for a literal Questions that ask for a literal answer, have only one right answer, have only one right answer, and can ...

Organizational Pattern: Compare and Contrast

When determining if a passage is compare and contrast, ask yourself ... tricks and spent much of his time reading and ... that the neighboring town is zombie-free.

Vermont Item Bank Reading Passage Annotations

Microsoft Word - Reading Passage Annotations.doc

Becoming an Active Reader

Becoming an Active Reader Diane Matlock, Ph.D., English For this class, you will write essays in which you formulate and present a coherent analysis of what you have read.


... free-sat-critical-reading ... reading passages come in two flavors: (a) a double passage combination, whereby students must compare and contrast ... compare and contrast reading ...

An Overview of Different Required Tests

ACT offers a free sample test in the ... 12 to 14 questions for each reading passage; Includes multiple-focus passages (e.g., cause/effect, compare/contrast)

Lesson Plans, Answer Keys and Printable Materials

Lesson Plans, Answer Keys and Printable Materials Chapter 1-Vocabulary Skills -Students will expand and apply knowledge of grade level appropriate vocabulary.

Text Organization

Slave owners were free to beat, whip, or insult slaves. Slaves had ... TEACHER KEY Compare and Contrast Passage Reading Strategy. Issue The North The South Economy Did not ...

Drawing Conclusions

When you draw a conclusion you use 2 things: What you know in your head. and . What youve read in the story. A conclusion is the decision you come to ...

2011 Grade 4 New York English Language Arts Test Specifications

Day Three: Reading/Writing - 12 points, 17% of score On day three, students will be ... - According to the passage, what does a comet travel around? - According to the passage ...


... should be used before presenting a reading passage. ... T-Charts are graphic organizers that compare / contrast two ... develop criteria for the written work, then free ...

Lesson Plans, Answer Keys and Printable Materials

... use a variety of strategies to comprehend reading ... or how the prefix is used in the context of a passage. ... Characters-Identify characters, and compare and contrast characters ...