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Line Plots Mr. Bradley is very proud of all the students in his ...

The line plot below shows the score distribution. 1. How many students received a score of 94%? _____ 2. What was the highest score in the class?

Identifying the Elements of A Plot Diagram

Plot (definition) Plot is the organized pattern or sequence of events that make up a story. Every plot is made up of a series of incidents that are related to ...

Line of Best Fit Worksheet

Lesson: Line of Best Fit Date Pd. For each of the following, write the ... Predict the exam grade of a student who studied for 6 hours. Equation Grade ...

What Is a Histogram?

3 Bars 4 Vertical / Y-axis. 5 Legend . 0 . 5 ... Step 1 - Count the number of data points . WORKSHEET ... Add title and legend Step 8 - Plot the ...

Mean, Line Plots, Stem and Leaf Plot Spreadsheet

Mean, Line Plots, Stem and Leaf Plot Spreadsheet TMT 3 Grade 6: Student Lesson 15 Activity Page: Seven Friends Seven friends each have a package of colored chocolate ...

Math Review: line plots, bar graphs, mean, median, mode, range

... What is a line plot? A line plot displays data along a number line. Each x represents one number in the data.

Teacher: Jennifer McGlaughlin

Course: College Prep Algebra 1 Grade 9. Lesson: 5.4 Fitting a Line to ... Line of Best Fit homework worksheet . Line of Best ... 4. To plot these data points on a graph, we ...

Box-and-Whisker - Grade Seven

Box-and-Whisker - Grade ... 4. Use the Box-and-Whisker Plot Worksheet, Attachment E. Make ... the box-and-whisker plot worksheet. The first quarter of the set goes on the line ...

CPS Benchmark Assessment - Winter 2006 - Grade 4

CPS Benchmark Assessment - Winter 2006 - Grade 4 This table is a resource created to expand students understanding of the concepts covered by the CPS Benchmark ...

Warm-UP, Day 1 of Slope:

For the NCTM activity worksheet. Please ... Turn in for a CW grade for today! ... Plot a point at this location. 4. Draw a straight line through the points.

Set 3

Grade Level/Unit Number: Grade 5 : Unit 1 ... You could also demonstrate that a line plot would ... Line graph activity. Worksheet 4. Heart-Pumping Math!

Worksheet To Accompany the Stem-and-Leaf Plots Lesson

For more information, please visit http: //www. sh odor. org/ Worksheet To Accompany the ... the mean, median, and mode of the coupons and you want to use a stem-and-leaf plot ...


4 PREREQUISITE SKILLS WORKSHEET FOR CALCULUS Prerequisite Skills Activity Objectives for Grade/Course State Standards Recognize the relationship of the slopes of ...

Worksheet 6.4 - Graphing Linear Equations Name

Graph the 4 equations on the same coordinate plane. Be sure to label each line! y = x - 1 y = 2x - 1 y = 3x - 1 y = 4x - 1 ...

Stem and Leaf

Grade 6 Data About Us. Investigation 3.1 Travelling to ... A stem-and-leaf plot looks something like a stem with ... and-leaf design with a vertical and horizontal line.

vol3sample 1 .ppt - Chartwell-Yorke

All topics for the 4 specifications offered by the English examining bodies are ... the emphasis is on the effect of outliers on the equation of a regression line ...


Frankfort - Earthquakes 3 1. Overview This lesson covers some of the common mathematical elements required for basic seismology in an activity spanning two class periods.

Elements of a Short Story

7 th Grade Language Arts. Graves County Middle School . Power Point Presentation ... Plot: A series of events through which the writer reveals what is happening, to ...

Stem-and-Leaf Plots

The heights of 11 fourth-grade badminton players are (in inches): 56; 61 ... Here are the scores of our volleyball games in a stem-and-leaf plot!

1st Grade

1 st Grade: 2 nd grade: Print Concepts: Print Concepts ... left to right on line, sweep back left for next line. ... Plot. Retell story using beginning, middle and end

Use this data: 0,4,3,9,12,19,20,6,2,0

Advantages/Disadvantages of Displays . Categorical data: pictograph, bar graph, circle graph; Numerical data (one variable): line plot, histogram, stem and leaf ...

Line Plots: Frogs in Flight

... such as line plots, bar graphs, and line graphs; Grade/Level: Fifth Grade ... knowledge of gap, mode, and range. Display Teacher Resource 4 a completed Crab Race Line Plot as ...

Lesson: Making and Analyzing Line Graphs OBJECTIVE:

... Fall 2006 Lesson: Making and Analyzing Line Graphs OBJECTIVE: (SOL: 4.20) ... will use the terms tally chart, line plot, bar ... and will analyze the graph using a worksheet of ...

CARING FOR OUR FORESTS -A Legacy of Stewardship

Grade 6-8 Math Component. Essential ... 4. Practice: Students should complete the worksheet and make a frequency table and line plot or histogram for the data.

Math Mammoth Statistics Worksheets Collection

Introduction Math Mammoth Statistics Collection includes graphs, data gathering and analysis related worksheets from Math Mammoth Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6 ...

Mathematics LBS 5 Spreadsheet Mathematics: Statistics and Graphing

... and lines of best fit by using an Excel worksheet and ... the graph are called an XY plot or a scatter plot. The line of ... hours students spent study for an exam with the grade ...

Perpendicular Lines in the Coordinate Plane: Focusing on Negative ...

Perpendicular Lines in the Coordinate Plane: Focusing on Negative Reciprocal Slopes Lesson Plan Cube Fellow: Julie Gibbs Teacher Mentor: Cheri Foster Goal: This ...

Understanding Longitude and Latitude

See If You Can Tell In Which Quarter These Lon/Lats Are Located 1. 41N, 21E; 2. 37N, 76W; 3. 72S, 141W; 4. 7S, 23W; 5. 15N, 29E

Select Math 2 / Geometers Sketchpad Lesson

Student worksheet for lines(students will find slope of ... line using the point slope form of the line . 4. ... Click on PLOT POINTS/ GRAPH to plot your point

Eighth Grade Science Curriculum

Eighth Grade Science Curriculum Peoria Unified School District #11 1 Eighth Grade Elementary Curriculum Instruction Revised 7.20.04 Strand One is taught through the ...

Reading a Line Graph

_____ 4. What is the difference in air temperature between midnight and noon? 4. ... Is this more likely to be a line graph showing air temperatures in Maine or New Mexico?

R10-4 Line Plots and Outliers (p. 306)

R10-4 Line Plots and Outliers (p. 306) ... A line plot shows data along a number line. Each X represents one number in the data set.


GRADE(% out of 100): _____ ... Plot Data: ( TI-83: 2 nd y= gives stat plot Turn ... Decide if you want a line, parabola, or higher powered ...

1-115 MAC2-PS-823590

Here are the results: 2, 5, 3, 5, 7, 4, and 5. Create a line plot with these data. The scale must include all of the numbers in the data set, so you can choose 1-8.

Title: Which Line Fits Best?

Title: Which Line Fits Best? Link to Outcomes: Problem Solving Students will demonstrate their ability to solve problems in mathematics, including problems with ...

Grade 3 Mathematics Pacing Guide Text: Scott-Foresman Mathematics

Microsoft Word - 3rd Grade Curriculum 2007 correlated June 2007.doc