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Properties of matter

Phase changes (video) Involve a change in volume, but mass remains constant; Adding or removing energy from matter results in phase changes

Phase Change Energy Worksheet

Phase Change Energy Worksheet NAME: _____ Phase changes are changes in the state of a substance. They include fusion and vaporization, which ...

Phases of Psychosis

Phases of Psychosis Copyright 2007 Fraser Health Page 2 Second phase: ACUTE PHASE It is in the acute phase that symptoms of psychosis begin.

Phase Changes

GK12 Module Teachers Guide 1 Phase Changes by: William J. Leggett **Cautionary note!!** This module deals with potentially harmful chemicals! Please review your ...

Unit 3: Thermochemistry

Energy Comparisons . Phase changes involve the least amount of energy with vaporization usually requiring more energy than melting. Chemical changes involve more ...


Heat energy causes changes in temperature and phase of any form of matter. ... Changes in the form of energy are called energy conversions.


Calculating Energy Changes for the Heating Curve of Water . Below is the heating ... The energy needed here is determined using: _____ phase. Energy

Grade 8 Science

General properties of matter: Phases of matter Phase changes Chemical properties and ... Explain the law of conservation of energy. Worksheets- What is energy?, Types of Energy ...

A Modeling Approach to Chemistry

During phase changes, changes in interaction energy (Ei) result in a new arrangement or ... These are tested materials (worksheets, labs, activities, tests ...

Phases Of Matter Worksheet

4) During a change of state (phase) there is only a change in the potential energy of the molecules, not the kinetic energy. The energy is used by the molecules to ...

KEYS to Most Chapter 10 Worksheets

KEYS to Most Chapter 10 Worksheets Boiling Points ... 10. a,b,c,d 11. a,c,d 12. b 13. a Phase Changes ... energy than gas and hence less total energy. The solid phase ...


Substances are made to change phases by adding or taking away heat energy. There are six phase changes. Melting solid becomes liquid absorbs heat

SAM Activity: Phase Change

ARISE Curriculum Coordination to Science of Atoms and Molecules (SAM) Project SAM Activity: Phase Change

Energy Worksheet

Physics I Honors; Mr. Flint Williamsport Area High School Discovery Ride Energy Worksheet This paper will walk you through the concepts and calculations we will use ...

Regent Physics PowerPoint Presentation

***Gravitational PE only changes if there is a change in ... Thermal Energy is heat energy which is the KE ... So..the points that are 720 degrees apart are in phase ...


ALLEGHANY COUNTY SCHOOLS CURRICULUM PACING GUIDES Grade/Course _____8 th Grade/Physical Science Grading Period _____ Time Frame Unit/SOLs SOL # Strand Resources ...

Ch 112 Worksheet

When phase changes occur, the temperature of a substance stops rising as the added energy is being used to overcome the attractive forces between the particles.

Chapter 13 States of Matter

Particles of He gas at 200 K have twice the average kinetic energy ... With a phase diagram, the changes in mp and bp can be determined with changes in external ...

Kinetic Theory all particles are in constant motion

Phase Changes happen at constant temperatures b/c heat energy is being used to change the particles phase not the temperature. Evaporation obtains energy from air ...

Heating the Earth

Heat Energy Causes Phase Changes . During a phase change, heat energy is absorbed or released. Energy is absorbed when: a solid changes to a liquid (melting)

PowerPoint Presentation

INTERNAL ENERGY (U) Internal energy changes when energy enters or leaves a system ... the enthalpy change accompanying the hydration of gas-phase ions

Martinsville City Public schools Curriculum and Pacing Guide

Martinsville City Public schools Curriculum and Pacing Guide Science Grade 8 2006 - 2007 First Six Weeks Days Essential Understandings ...

Heat and Temperature

Assessment : Worksheets for water cooling curves, dye ... observations that allowed you to detect the changes in energy. ... 26 Phase Changes and Cooling Curves Experiment Objectives ...

phase changes #1

8) Where is the energy going in stage 2 if the temp is not rising? 9) Name the two phase changes that can occur at stage 2? At stage 4.

Phase Change Worksheet

Name _____Period _____ Phase ... Answer the following questions dealing with phase changes. ... How many kilojoules of heat energy are necessary to: A ...

Phase Changes Worksheet

Phase Changes Worksheet Name _____ Kinetic Theory of Matter: ... The greater the materials internal energy, the higher the temperature of ...

Worksheet # C55 Phase Changes, Freezing and Melting Points

Chem I Name _____ Date _____ Per _____ Worksheet # C55 Phase Changes, Freezing and Melting Points 1. The 4 States of Matter (complete the ...

Unit Plan Essentials

... common properties, forms and changes in matter and energy. ... additional topics, labs and worksheets ... Phase changes, (going from a solid to a ...