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Grade 3: Habitats and Adaptations

However, appropriate assessments should also require students to summarize the steps of a seed plant life cycle, compare life cycles of a variety of animals.

Plant Reproduction

Ensure that you complete all activities and worksheets when instructed ... into a seed, the fertilised egg inside develops into an embryo plant. Testa: tough seed coat

Grow Your Own Pea Plant

Grow Your Own Pea Plant Holiday House INSTRUCTORS GUIDELINES 1. Buy enough peat pellets and two pea seeds for each student. 2.

Subject: Life Processes: Plants and Flowers

Sarah Rybak Lesson Plan Subject: Life Processes: Plants and Flowers Student Objectives Using a real plant sample, students will identify the basic parts of the flower ...

Seed Types

Some seeds, such as seeds from the Euphorbia plant family (Euphorbia are the ... Hand out the Seed Design worksheets to each student and have them fill them out.

PowerPoint Presentation - Seeds and Plants

A seed is the start of a new plant; The have different shapes, sizes and colors ... Worksheets . Plants We Eat; Favorite Flowers; Parts of a Plant

Plant Parts

Seeds Fruits . The seeds and fruit from a plant grow into new plants.


PLANT LIFE WEEK 5. PRE: Defining the characteristics of plants. DURING: Comparing ... Angiosperms (flowering plants) produce a seed cover for reproduction and are the most ...

Seed Inventory K-2

Section D Overview NOTE: Seeds are seasonal with few seeds in Winter or early Spring. Please plan accordingly. Students will collect seeds in a given area by putting socks over ...

Seeds on the Go

... methods to determine what method of dispersal their seed uses to leave the parent plant. ... There are several downloadable worksheets and resources for the ...


Diversity and Interdependence of Life B2: Relate plant structures to their ... Take care not to soak the cotton balls or the bean seed will rot. An ...

Plant Structures Roots, Stems, and Leaves

Seed plants have three main structures: Roots; Stems; Leaves; Linked together by ... Water is also attracted to the xylem tubes in the plant; Causes water to ...

Plant Evolution Classification

Plant Adaptations Characteristics . Unit Designed by: Jillian Bearden ... will cover reproduction of all plants including the advantages of enclosing seed ...

Alaska Agriculture-Farming Kindergarten Thematic Unit Overview by ...

The Tiny Seed, How Do Plants Grow? Worksheets: Seed to Plant Shape Book Songs: This is the way we plant our seed Activity Set 1

Lesson: Plants, Seeds, and Germination

Sarah Rybak Student Teaching-Fall 2006 Lesson: Plants, Seeds, and Germination OBJECTIVE: SOL: 4.4 The student will investigate and understand basic plant anatomy and ...

Bio332: Review worksheet #1: Life Cycle of Plants

... e.g. mosses as an example of a phylum with easily distinguishable alternating generations), and c) seed plants (which we will almost exclusively deal with in Plant ...

Classification of Plants

Plant Classification . Non-flowering . Plants . Flowering . Spore-bearing . Naked seeds . No roots . with roots . Mosses . Ferns . Gymnosperms . 1 seed-leaf . 2 seed-leaves

Project: Growing Plants from Seeds

Name:_____ Date:_____ Habitat Tracker 83 Journal Section: Plants Project: Growing Plants from Seeds Purpose: To increase the number of plants ...

The Circle of Life: Plants and Plant Growth

From Seed to Plant by Gail Gibbons (Lesson Six) D. A Seed Grows: My First Look At a ... HANDOUTS/WORKSHEETS A. Appendix A: Garden Lab Worksheet B. Appendix B: Plant Journal C ...

Preparing the Garden Beds

The large fleshy part of the inside of the seed is the seed leaf and is the food source for the seed until the plant grows through the top of the soil.

Using a Dichotomous Key to identify plants

Using a Dichotomous Key to identify plants . There are many different ways to identify a plant. Woody plants can be identified by bark, leaf shape, flower, or fruit.

Seedless Plants

Covering soil or rocks in a mat of tiny green plants; Each moss has rhizoids (root-like structures) Rhizoids help anchor the plant

Name: P - arts of a Plant

roots The roots soak up water and minerals. They also store food for the plant. Super Teacher Worksheets -

Activity #1 Shuttle/Mir Seed Germination Activity

A Spanish language version of the student worksheets is included on this diskette. ... with the corresponding plant life cycle stages: seed germination, plant growth and seed ...

Seed Types

Partnerships for Reform through Investigative Science and Math Seed Types 1 Concepts Seed anatomy and adaptation. HCPS III Benchmarks SC6.3.1 LA6.6.3 LA6.6.4 LA6.6.5 Duration 2 hours ...

Seed dispersal

Seed dispersal . How do plants reproduce? ... Some species of plant use hooks on their fruits to attach themselves to the fur ...


AUTUMN Click on a worksheet type or use the left and right arrow keys to move through the worksheets and answer keys. Version: PPKN20020904 WORKSHEETS IN THIS ...

The Tiny Seed

Rubric . Students task . You included all stages of how-to plant a seed. You included two to three stages of how-to plant a seed. You included one correct stage of ...

Project: Habitat Seed Collection

Name:_____ Date:_____ Habitat Tracker 79 Journal Section: Plants Project: Habitat Seed Collection Purpose: To collect seeds from plants in our ...

How Does a Plant Grow

From Seed to Plant by Gail Gibbons ISBN#0-8234-0872-8 . Day One: Seed Observation (45 minutes) Give the students a copy of the seed anticipation guide and have ...

Plant Growth Development

Seed worksheet. Plant people . materials. Hose, Seed, Potting soil, soda can, Plastic eyes, Pipe cleaner, Construction paper, Buttons, Hot glue guns w/ extra glue

Hands-on Science: Seeds What are the parts of a seed?

The new plant will be the same kind as the plant from which the seed came. Seeds are produced within the fruit of a plant. They grow there until they are mature.


3 Pass out student worksheets 2 and 3, and go over the directions ... the soil is ready, the weather is right, and it is time to plant. The farmer puts the seed ...

Seed Plant Project

Seed Plant Project 7-3 Science Names:_____ Topic:_____ Work with your partner to complete a poster for your topic.

Genetics Worksheet

A plant heterozygous for seed texture and seed color is crossed with a plant that is wrinkled and heterozygous for seed color. *R = round, r = wrinkled, Y= yellow, y ...

Key Stage 2 Worksheet 1a - Grow your own Tomatoes - Growing plants ...

Plant 1 will be placed on or close to a window, Plant 2 ... Worksheet 7 Grow your own Tomatoes Seed dispersal ... Key Stage 2 Grow your own Tomatoes The worksheets ...