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The 5 Classes of Vertebrates

The 5 Classes of Vertebrates Brought to you by Mrs. Archers and Mrs. Cowans Class Reptiles They breath with lungs. They are cold-blooded. There bodies are ...

18 Identifying Vertebrates Using Classification Keys, SE

Chapter 18 Classification Identifying Vertebrates Using Classification Keys Introduction Organisms such as vertebrates (animals with backbones) are classified into ...

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true The History of Life The dominant vertebrates throughout the Cretaceous Period were ____. reptiles The History of Life What advantage do flowering plants have over ...

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2 Write the names of the organisms in the correct location on your What am I? worksheet. 3 When you are done, have your teacher check your answers.

Animal Classification

Analogies worksheet - Appendix H (copies for each student) 3. Five index cards per ... Main characteristics of the Animal Kingdom - Teachers Resource Vertebrates ...

Keys for Progression of Life worksheets

Ancient Vertebrates Worksheet to be used with the Progression of Life poster (1988) or Guide to Progression of Life booklet (1989), by

Student Worksheet

Student Worksheet Number time Fill in the blanks with the correct numbers. ... Mammals (thats us), fi sh, amphibians, reptiles and birds are all vertebrates.


Stars What is a star? The objects that heat and light the planets in a system A star is a ball of plasma held together by its own gravity Nuclear reactions occur in ...

CHAPTER 33 DIRECTED READING Introduction to Vertebrates

Introduction to Vertebrates SECTION 33-1 1. The tissue of vertebrates is organized into organs, and the organs are organized into organ systems. 2. All vertebrates have nervous ...

Vertebrate Classification Challenge

I also provide a worksheet for students to fill in and staple to their note packet ... World of Vertebrates Placental Mammals _____ _____ ...

Ancient Vertebrates

Ancient Vertebrates Fossils provide evidence of ancient life. Color or shade only those ... Worksheets to be used with Progression of Life Worksheet to be used with the ...

Extension worksheet Vertebrates Vertebrate poster

1. What special vertebrates live in your area? Complete the chart with two or three examples for each type of vertebrate. 2. In your notebook, answer the following ...

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What are vertebrates? 2. What makes mammals different from other animals? 3. Mention four examples of mammals. 4. Mammals are only one kind of vertebrates.

Franklin College Education Department LESSON PLAN Student Name ...

HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT(S): Vertebrates- Job 2- Part 1 worksheet (pg. 59) and finish Vertebrates- Job 2- Part 2 worksheet if not finished in class.


Vertebrates (subphylum vertebrata) Possess a backbone (aka vertebral column, spine) ... Agnatha Class Agnatha Class Chondricthyes Class Osteichthyes Dissection Worksheet ...